10 LLOYD ST MIDLAND 92501331
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Welcome to Midland Trailers. We manufacture a range of trailers as stock items and these are licensed for your convenience.

All trailers are built using new materials. All trailers are built with new rims & tyres.

We keep a range of parts in stock and can order parts if needed.

Midland Trailers has been manufacturing trailers since 1988 and we specialise in the manufacture of trailers to suit your specific needs.

At Midland Trailers we take pride in completing trailers in a timely fashion and to the highest quality.

Repairs and alterations can also be carried out at reasonable rates and with safety our No 1 concern we can assist you with legal requirements as well as structural requirements to suit your application.

Midland Trailers is an Authorised Inspection Station for trailers and caravans up to 4500kg ATM
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